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‘Urban consumption’ responsible for one tenth of global emissions – Report

City dwellers around the world are making an outsized contribution to climate change, according to new research released last week, which suggests 'urban consumption' levels will have to fall dramatically if the world is to limit global warming to 1.5C. The analysis, conducted by the C40 Cities group, suggests consumption-based emissions from nearly 100 of the world's big cities already represe...
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First Irish Population of non-indigenous Crayfish Species found

The National Park & Wildlife Service (NPWS) has confirmed that a population of a non-indigenous crayfish species (NICS) has been found for the first time in the wild in Ireland. There has always been a concern that a NICS may become established in Ireland and this has now been confirmed by the discovery of a population of an Australian Crayfish, the Yabby, Cherax destructor. The NPWS are...
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Hundreds of plant species driven to extinction – study

More than 500 species of plants have disappeared in the past 250 years - more than twice the number of birds, mammals and amphibians recorded as extinct, according to a new study.  Scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and Stockholm University carried out a groundbreaking global analysis of all plant extinction records to come up with the figure. The research, published in the journal N...
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Irish Construction Companies Turnover up 25% 

The combined turnover for the country's top construction companies increased by 25% to €8.39 billion last year, according to Construction magazine's annual Top 50 CIF Contractors listing for 2019. The listing, published every year, gives a snapshot of the overall growth in Irish construction. It said that €5.9 billion of this total activity took place in Ireland, while almost €2.5 billion came ...
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Transition your Business to a Low Carbon Economy – Tips

By reducing your organisation’s carbon emissions, you are playing your part in delivering not only a positive impact on the environment, but taking the first step to creating a more resilient business that is prepared for the climate challenges & opportunities that lie ahead. Sign-up to the Low Carbon Pledge and join businesses all over Ireland in playing your role in transitioning Ireland ...
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Ireland should pay €1k a day for environment failings – EU Court

The EU’s top court has said Ireland should be subject to large daily fines, already amounting to almost €4m, for failing to comply with EU legislation that might have prevented landslides caused by the construction of a wind farm in 2003. A legal opinion issued by the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) has proposed that the State should be handed a daily fine of €1,000 for every day since its ea...
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Pollution of air, land and water is poisoning the planet – UN Environment

Incoming UN Environment Executive Director, Inger Andersen, says that growing pressure from people across the world means the organisation must redouble its efforts. There is something in the air. I am not talking about pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. I am talking about the change humanity needs to address these and other environmental challenges, which have placed our planet and societ...
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Government climate plan will see departments pay for missed environment targets

Government departments will be forced to pay out of their own pockets if they fail to hit specific multi-year environmental targets, potentially putting other services at risk if they continue to ignore the climate crisis. The move was revealed yesterday as part of a new multi-billion euro Climate Action Plan, which will also commit to ramping up electric car usage, retro-fitting thousands of h...
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Major global firms accused of concealing their environmental impact

A $10tn (£7.9tn) investor alliance has accused more than 700 companies, including Amazon, Tesco and ExxonMobil, of failing to reveal the full extent of their impact on the climate crisis, water shortages and deforestation. The major global companies, with a combined worth of more than $15tn, lack transparency over their effect on the environment, according to the intervention by some of the wor...
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Draft Climate Change Sectoral Adaptation Plan for Water Quality and Water Services Infrastructure

Mr. Eoghan Murphy T.D. Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, invites submissions, observations and comments on the Draft Climate Change Sectoral Adaptation Plan for Water Quality and Water Services Infrastructure. Climate change is arguably one of the most important and pervasive global threats we face in the 21st century. Its main impacts are projected to relate to increasing te...
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