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Environmental Permits – EU and National Regulations

Activities which require an environmental permit and how they are classified for such purposes The European Union’s Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) (2010/75/EU) requires the following categories of activity to operate in accordance with a permit: energy industries (in particular power plants); production and processing of metals; the mineral industry (including the production of...
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EU regulations governing Water Pollution – are you compliant?

After the Failure of Ringsend tank led to sewage discharge into Dublin Bay are you compliant with the regulations governing water pollution? Rules governing the discharge of wastewater and the protection of water resources At EU level, the discharge of wastewater and the protection of water resources are primarily regulated by: the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC, as amended by Di...
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Managing a City’s Water is a complex task

We often take a reliable supply of clean water for granted. We turn on the tap and clean water comes out, we use it and the ‘dirty’ water goes down the drain. For a large majority of Europeans, the water we use at home is of drinking quality and available 24 hours a day. The brief moment between the tap and the drain is only a very small part of its overall journey. Managing water in a city is not...
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Environmental Pollution has claimed more lives than those who died in World War 2

The United Nations chief environment scientist, Jian Liu has called on nations and individuals to make the environment their number one priority in their day to day decisions.According to him, the environment has the potential to solve most of the complex issues confronting humans.He warned that the consequences of not taking action is profound. ‘‘So if you don’t take action now, if you don’t p...
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Strategic Approach to Pharmaceuticals in the Environment – EC Fact Sheet

1. Why do we need a strategic approach on pharmaceuticals in the environment? Pharmaceuticals are used in human or veterinary medicine, either as treatments or diagnostic agents. Until recently, little was known about their presence in the environment. However, there is growing evidence that the levels of some pharmaceuticals found in the soil and water pose a risk to wildlife, partly because ...
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Cars should be banned from waiting outside schools to cut pollution

car ban outside schools - air pollution - air quality monitoring services
Cars should be banned from idling near schools in a bid to cut pollution, health experts have said.  In a new report, Public Health England (PHE) will call for a raft of measures, including stopping cars idling near school gates, promoting car pool lanes, and providing priority parking for electric cars.  It is also calling for congestion charges to be imposed in cities across the UK. Profe...
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Google and UN Environment unveil freshwater monitoring app

UN Environment, Google and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre have unveiled a groundbreaking web-based platform that fuses big data and environmental science to monitor global freshwater ecosystems, opening the door to a new era of data-rich analysis that could reshape how we measure humanity’s environmental footprint. The publicly available, free platform brings together Google’s ...
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Noise Pollution put brakes on Tayto Park plans for €14 million rollercoaster

Four residents living close to Tayto Park have put the brakes on plans for a new ‘iconic’ €14 million steel ride roller coaster ride at Ireland’s largest theme park.  This follows the residents, Donal Greene and Clare Smith along with Suzanne Galwey and Jeremy Butcher, lodging a joint appeal to An Bord Pleanála against the decision by Meath County Council to give the project the go-ahead last mont...
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Growth in material extraction chief culprit in climate change & biodiversity loss – UN Report

Rapid growth in extraction of materials is the chief culprit in climate change and biodiversity loss – a challenge that will only worsen unless the world urgently undertakes a systemic reform of resource use, according to a report released at the UN Environment Assembly.  Global Resources Outlook 2019, prepared by the International Resource Panel, examines the trends in natural resources and their...
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Taking action on the total impact of the buildings sector – EU Report

european commission - levels - taking action on the total environmental impact of the construction sector
The EU has boldly led global action on energy efficiency in buildings over the past decades. Across the region, a giant industry is mobilising to deliver a new generation of nearly zero energy buildings from 2021. As we near this deadline however, leading states and industry actors are waking up to the reality that we are only addressing part of the building sector’s impact. Our vision must now ex...
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