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Nearly half of Irish Habitats continue to decline – report

Agricultural practices are impacting negatively on 70 per cent of internationally important habitats in Ireland, a report submitted to the EU by the National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) has said.  A summary report published on Wednesday confirms the vast majority of designated habitats – including peatlands, grasslands, woodlands and marine areas – are in poor condition. The third assessm...
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Concern rasied over dust pollution from demolition waste at Cork site

Concerns have been raised about dust pollution arising from a vast rubble mound left after the demolition of a former tax office in the heart of Cork City last summer.  The former Revenue Commissioners office on Sullivan’s Quay was demolished by BAM Property Ltd last summer to make way for a 220-bed hotel and office development.  The building housed an art studio in recent years until its demoliti...
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Breathing polluted air ‘ups risk of depression and mental issues’

Living in an area with high air pollution increases the chance of suffering from a major mental illness or depression, scientists have discovered.  In the biggest study ever, published in the journal 'PLOS Biology', looking into a link between emissions and neuropsychiatric disorders, researchers compared 151 million health insurance records with pollution statistics across the US. The team ...
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How Bad are Private Jets for the Environment?

With the conversation around climate change hotting up in recent months, more attention than ever is being paid to the way we travel.  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have come under fire for taking four trips by private jet in 11 days – with celebrities quick to step forward and defend the royal couple – while teenage activist Greta Thunberg’s decision to reach A...
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Australia taking six years to list threatened habitats under environment laws

Australia is taking at least six years to list habitats as threatened under national environment laws, an inquiry examining the country’s extinction crisis has heard.  The Humane Society International (HSI) also said that potential major threats to Australia’s wildlife are going unexamined because “we’re not even spending the meagre funds required” to look into them. A Senate committee ...
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Oysters considered to cut nitrate pollution

Pollution problems that have halted building in parts of Hampshire could be tackled by introducing oyster beds.  In June, five councils accepted advice by Natural England to refuse permission for new developments amid concerns over nitrate levels in The Solent. Nitrogen from housing and agricultural sources has accelerated the growth of algae which is damaging protected wildlife habitats and bird ...
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UK Chancellor’s fund for housing development on land in need of remediation

The UK government has announced that it will give £600m in funding to help deliver infrastructure projects that will unlock an estimated 50,000 homes.   Chancellor Sajid Javid revealed on Saturday that the money would be given to five new infrastructure projects across the country that would open up sites for housing development. The money will come from the Housing Infrastructure Fund, the £5.5b...
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Politicians have gigantic responsibility to environment

Boris Johnson's partner Carrie Symonds has said he and other politicians have a "gigantic responsibility to make the right decisions" over the environmental crisis, in her first public speech since moving into 10 Downing Street. Ms Symonds, 31, also condemned "cruel" trophy hunters, but expressed optimism that the number of people who care about the environment "far outnumber the people who don't...
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Paradigm shift on environmental health urgently needed in Ireland

Long before it became fashionable, the Irish health sector (including the Health Service Executive/Environmental Health Service, in collaboration with other State agencies) has played a part in taking steps toward ending the wilful destruction of our planet. Irish Doctors for the Environment is spearheading in Ireland a global movement in conjunction with the prestigious medical journal The Lance...
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Announcing the towns for Reimagine

Repurposing disused buildings, a revamped town square and a new cultural corridor are just three of the six projects part of a community-led architecture and design programme, ‘Reimagine…’, announced by the Irish Architecture Foundation. Reimagine… brings together local communities, architects, designers and planners to develop projects which will enhance the local built environment of each of th...
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