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EU Commission adopts EU Action Plan: “Towards Zero Pollution for Air, Water and Soil”

EU Commission adopts EU Action Plan: "Towards Zero Pollution for Air, Water and Soil" The European Commission adopted the EU Action Plan: “Towards Zero Pollution for Air, Water and Soil” today – a key deliverable of the European Green Deal and the main topic of this year's EU Green Week. It sets out an integrated vision for 2050: a world where pollution is reduced to levels that are no longer har...
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Streams play big role in our clean water and biodiversity

Small streams are crucial for clean water and biodiversity. `A new international research project led by UCD’s school of biology and environmental science wants to find ways to limit pollution and improve animal and plant life in this important ecosystem.  It is hard to believe but small streams make up about three-quarters of the length of the Irish river network. Of the 74,000km of river chann...
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EU regulation set to transform the ESG landscape

Climate change is the topic du jour and, along with other ESG issues, is not high up on global governments' agendas only... According to the TCDF Status Report 2019, we are seeing an increasing demand from investors for "better information on how companies – across a wide range of sectors – have prepared or are preparing for a lower-carbon economy". In fact, 2018 saw the incorporation of...
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Only 16% of waterways in Ireland are clean – report

A survey conducted by Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) shows that only 16% of coastal areas and waterways are clean, with the River Tolka, the River Barrow and Cork Harbour being 'heavily littered'.  The survey found that while the majority of Irish towns are clean, its beaches and waterways are not. The business group studied 42 beaches, harbours and river areas around the country....
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Stronger protections for UK environment as landmark Bill takes shape

New measures to enhance wildlife, transform our waste system and improve the resilience of water supplies have been set out by UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove. In an update on progress towards the introduction of the landmark Environment Bill – the first for 20 years – the government has published firm positions, following a range of consultations, on issues ranging from trees to water to r...
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Ireland held to account for wastewater treatment failures

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has found that Ireland has failed to uphold EU law in relation to almost 30 wastewater treatment schemes across the country.  The court’s ruling released yesterday opens the door for Ireland to be hit with heavy fines for breaching EU rules on sewage treatment if it does not act to rectify the situation. The case was brought by the EU Commission over Ireland’...
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Medicine and Personal Care Products Polluting Waterways – Study

A new study in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry has found that the compounds in our medicines and personal care products can not be broken down by the bacteria in our waterways. It turns out the medicine and personal care products we use may be having some quite detrimental effects in our sewage treatment plants, streams, rivers, lakes, bays and the ocean. Testing sludge bacter...
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Human waste causes rise in ‘green tides’ in coastal areas – Study

Sprawling beds of bright green seaweed caused by human waste products around the Irish coastline are thought to be on the rise, new research has indicated.  “Green tides” of seaweed known as sea lettuce appear when nutrients from various human waste products – including sewage and agricultural sources – flow into the sea and cause a proliferation of growth. A two-year study of the substance by Ea...
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Energy efficiency in industrial water use – Horizon2020 Programme – EnerWater

A consistent amount of energy is used in industrial water circuits, and projects funded under the Horizon2020 programme are developing ways to reduce it and make it more efficient. The project EnerWater works to improve the energy efficiency of wastewater treatment process. EnerWater developed a methodology to assess the performance of wastewater treatment processes in industrial plants, and a ...
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