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Water pollution, scarcity, and flooding threats require urgent global attention, report warns

Water pollution, scarcity, and flooding threats require urgent global attention, report warns Urgent steps to reduce the risks of water pollution, flooding, and drought are needed right across the world as part of broader measures to increase climate resilience, a major new University of Oxford-led research project has warned. The report, released last week by the University's research program...
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Industrial pollutant releases to water in Europe indicator

Industrial pollutant releases to water in Europe indicator Between 2010 and 2019, industrial releases to Europe’s water bodies of pollutants that are damaging to human health and the environment declined overall. Releases of heavy metals declined significantly, while emissions of nitrogen and phosphorus, which cause eutrophication, declined to a lesser extent. In the same period, the economic val...
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Water Quality in 2020: An Indicators Report

Water Quality in 2020: An Indicators Report The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published the Water Quality in 2020: An Indicators Report, which provides an assessment of the quality of Ireland’s rivers, lakes, estuaries and groundwaters.  The main threat to water quality is high nutrient levels, such as phosphorus and nitrogen which come from human activities. Many rivers, groundwaters...
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96% of bathing areas meet cleanliness standards – EPA

96% of bathing areas meet cleanliness standards - EPA Bathing water quality improved in 2020 compared to the previous year with 96% of bathing areas meeting or exceeding the minimum standard for cleanliness, according to the latest annual report from the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA has called on Irish Water to make "improvements" in urban wastewater systems in an attempt to cut ...
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Inland Fisheries appeal to farmers to avoid water pollution

Inland Fisheries Ireland has issued an appeal to farmers to remain vigilant during the fertiliser spreading season to avoid water pollution and the loss of nutrients or other chemicals into rivers, lakes and other watercourses. The appeal comes on the back of Inland Fisheries Ireland’s preliminary collation of fish kill data for 2019 which indicate that 20 fish kills were recorded nationally (a...
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Only 16% of waterways in Ireland are clean – report

A survey conducted by Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) shows that only 16% of coastal areas and waterways are clean, with the River Tolka, the River Barrow and Cork Harbour being 'heavily littered'.  The survey found that while the majority of Irish towns are clean, its beaches and waterways are not. The business group studied 42 beaches, harbours and river areas around the country....
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Nitrate pollution concerns halt housebuilding in UK

Five local authorities in the Solent area have put a hold on determining planning applications for new housing as a result of advice from Natural England about nitrate pollution. Following two rulings by the Court of Justice of the European Union in the ‘Dutch Case’ (C-293/17 and C-294/17) and ‘People Over Wind’ (C-323/17), Natural England has advised local planning authorities in the Solent area...
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Smith calls for action plan to tackle plastic pollution in rivers and lakes

A local Fianna Fáil TD has written to the Minister for Communications, Climate Action, and Environment to express his concern at the high level of plastic pollution in lakes and rivers following representations from individuals and organisations. “It is clear to anyone who walks by, sails on, or uses our rivers or lakes how badly plastic pollution has become," explained Deputy Brendan Smith. "I...
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Glyphosate detected in Mayo public water supply

Excess levels of the herbicide glyphosate have been traced in the public water supply of Newport in Co Mayo.  Glyphosate is an active ingredient in over 750 products including Roundup weedkiller which is widely used by Irish farmers and gardeners.  Mayo County Council’s environment section is currently carrying out investigations in the catchment area to determine the source of this excess. In ...
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Irish Water clears massive 8ft sewage blockage in Wicklow

Irish Water have urged residents in Wicklow to ‘Think Before You Flush’, after a massive sewage blockage was cleared from the Bollarney Wastewater Pumping Station, Wicklow, over the weekend by Wicklow County Council staff, working on behalf of Irish Water. This was the third blockage in one day at the station. The blockage occurred as a result of inappropriate items, such as wet wipes, cotton bud ...
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