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EU’s soil strategy to unveil dedicated legislative proposal in 2023

Commission’s soil strategy to unveil dedicated legislative proposal in 2023 The European soil strategy commits to unveil a dedicated legislative proposal to tackle soil degradation in a harmonised way – but not until 2023, according to a leaked draft.  The new EU soil strategy for 2030, which was launched on 17 November will offer an overarching policy framework for soil restoration to assess the...
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Commission consults on new EU Soil Strategy

Commission consults on new EU Soil Strategy The European Commission has launched an online public consultation on the development of a new EU Soil Strategy. This is the last of a set of public consultations on different ecosystems delivering on the specific commitments in the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030. Healthy soils produce our food and raw materials, clean our drinking water, reduce flo...
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Excavated soils: The biggest source of waste you’ve never heard of

Excavated soils: The biggest source of waste you’ve never heard of Soils extracted from construction sites are by far the biggest source of waste produced in Europe every year – five times the amount of household waste – yet governments are turning a blind eye to the issue.  Most people tend to associate waste with household trash piling up in the streets or in landfills. Yet, according to Eu...
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EU Soil Observatory launched to monitor trends of soil health in Europe

EU Soil Observatory launched to monitor trends of soil health in Europe Within the proposed Horizon EU mission in the area of soil health and food - entitled ‘Caring for soil is caring for life' - the ambitious goal is being considered of ‘ensuring that 75% of soils are healthy by 2030 and are able to provide essential ecosystem services'.   It is also in line with the European Green Deal's ambit...
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Soil Waste Classification training to Roche Ireland

Verde’s Senior Environmental Consultant Krzysztof Pniewczuk providing soil waste classification training to staff at Roche Ireland Ltd. Verde recently commenced a five year contract with Roche Ireland Limited to provide Environmental Consultancy services at their Clarecastle Pharmaceutical Plant. The site is currently transitioning from an operating manufacturing site to a brownfield site throu...
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Ireland produces over half a million tonnes of hazardous waste annually, EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency recently published its latest hazardous waste figures for Ireland. The figures show that the amount of hazardous waste generated in Ireland continues to grow, with over 500,000 tonnes of hazardous waste generated in Ireland in 2018, up over 90,000 tonnes in a year.  The increase in hazardous waste generated in 2018 was driven mainly by a large increase in the qu...
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Linking soil microbial diversity to soil processes – new technique

Long ago, during the European Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci wrote that we humans "know more about the movement of celestial bodies than about the soil underfoot." Five hundred years and innumerable technological and scientific advances later, his sentiment still holds true.  But that could soon change. In a report published in Nature Communications a team of scientists from the Department of Ene...
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Analyzing Soil Pollution with EPR

Soil pollution is a direct result of agricultural, industrial, and societal growth. A lot of the common pollutants can be identified with EPR (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance), leading to measures to control their distribution and help in clean-up strategies.  EPR in a Nutshell Typical soil pollutants are due to industrial waste, including radioactive materials, cytotoxic chemicals, poisonous gas...
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Soils concern as UK landfill tax receipts fall

Increased use of energy from waste, recycling and composting as alternatives to landfill have helped reduce landfill tax receipts by 9.4% in 2018/19, according to the latest date from HMRC. But, the UK Environment Agency this week expressed concern over one ongoing element of landfilling, with regard to the depositing of soil into landfill. The Agency has criticised the fact that soil, which re...
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Verde presents FREE Soil Waste Training Seminar to Walls Construction

Verde Training Seminars The requirements imposed by environmental regulations on businesses are expanding and there is a need for managers and staff to continue their professional development (CPD). Verde have developed a range of environmental services training courses enabling progression through key disciplines including environmental management, risk management, environmental monitor...
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