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Soil Testing at decommissioned Service Station

Soil Testing at decommissioned Service Station Rebecca Bradford and Vytautas Sakinis of Verde Environmental Consultants undertaking drilling works to collect soil samples to determine the soil quality following  removal of underground storage tanks and petrol interceptor at a decommissioned Service Station. Verde Environmental Group provides a full range of Environmental Site Assessment servic...
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Excavated soils: The biggest source of waste you’ve never heard of

Excavated soils: The biggest source of waste you’ve never heard of Soils extracted from construction sites are by far the biggest source of waste produced in Europe every year – five times the amount of household waste – yet governments are turning a blind eye to the issue.  Most people tend to associate waste with household trash piling up in the streets or in landfills. Yet, according to Eu...
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Geological Survey Ireland soil sampling survey now complete for half the country

Geological Survey Ireland soil sampling survey now complete for half the country The Tellus Project in Geological Survey Ireland, which began back in 2011, is marking 50% completion of national soil geochemistry mapping with the release of the latest analytical data.  Thousands of soil samples have been collected and analysed and the resulting data and maps are critical to understanding the chemi...
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Soil Scientist shares German Environment Prize

German soil scientist Ingrid Kögel-Knabner and eco-entrepreneur Reinhard Schneider picked up the 2019 German Environment Prize at a ceremony in Mannheim on Sunday.  They share the €500,000 ($554,000) in prize money from the highest endowed environmental prize in Europe, which was presented to them by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Alexander Bonde, secretary-general of the Ger...
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Study identifies way to enhance the sustainability of manufactured soils

A combination of waste materials supplemented with a product of biomass could help in the search for high quality soils, a new study suggests.  Soil degradation is posing a huge threat to global food security and every year, around 12 million hectares of cropland are lost to soil erosion. Scientists from the University of Plymouth have demonstrated that adding biochar - a solid, carbon-rich mat...
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Scientist uses bacteria to clean contaminated soil

Findings in environmental science are rarely applied commercially. Ray Sambrotto, a microbiologist and associate professor at Columbia University's Lamont- Doherty Earth Observatory co-founded Allied Microbiota with Frana James, drawing on five years of exploratory research to identify microbes capable of remediating contaminated soil to address the legacy of environmental pollutants. Contaminated...
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How soil contamination is affecting our food and putting our health at risk – a new FAO report

There are approximately 3 million potentially polluted sites in the European Economic Area and the West Balkans. Soil pollution poses a worrisome threat to agricultural productivity, food safety, and human health, but far too little is known about the scale and severity of that threat, warns a new FAO report released on 2nd May in Rome.  Industrialization, war, mining and the intensification o...
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Soil and Groundwater remediation procedures – In-Situ Remediation vs Ex-Situ Remediation vs Mass Transfer

Because of the vast number of polluted sites requiring cleaning, choosing the most effective, ecological and cost-efficient cleaning technology and method makes a big difference on a global scale” — Miiro Jääskeläinen Societies need to move forward with soil and groundwater remediation procedures. In-situ remediation and site specific risk assessment procedures will greatly increase ecologi...
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How tiny plastic particles are polluting our soil

The millions of tons of plastic swirling around the world’s oceans have garnered a lot of media attention recently. But plastic pollution arguably poses a bigger threat to the plants and animals – including humans – who are based on land. Very little of the plastic we discard every day is recycled or incinerated in waste-to-energy facilities. Much of it ends up in landfills, where it may take u...
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Soil Recovery Waste Acceptance Criteria – EPA Draft Guidance Note

In December 2017, the EPA issued a draft Guidance Note on Soil Recovery Waste Acceptance Criteria. This guidance document applies to soil recovery facilities which exceed the operational thresholds for waste facility permits as set out in the Third Schedule of the Waste Management (Facility Permit and Registration) Regulations 2007 (S.I. No. 821 of 2007) as amended. Facilities that exceed these th...
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