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EPA launches next generation Pollution Impact Potential maps

EPA launches next generation Pollution Impact Potential maps Pollutant Impact Potential (PIP) maps for Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P) have been generated to show the highest risk areas in the landscape for losses of N and P to waters. These maps, including flow paths and delivery points, do not indicate specific areas that have a problem, and they are not designed or suitable to be used on their...
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Worsening soil pollution among planet’s biggest challenges, UN warns

Worsening soil pollution among planet's biggest challenges, UN warns Soil pollution is deteriorating worldwide as a result of unsustainable farming practices and industrial processes, all of which poses a major and growing threat to global food production, human health, and the environment, the United Nations has warned.  A global response to the mounting crisis facing the world's soils is urgent...
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Analyzing Soil Pollution with EPR

Soil pollution is a direct result of agricultural, industrial, and societal growth. A lot of the common pollutants can be identified with EPR (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance), leading to measures to control their distribution and help in clean-up strategies.  EPR in a Nutshell Typical soil pollutants are due to industrial waste, including radioactive materials, cytotoxic chemicals, poisonous gas...
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EU Regulations governing Soil Pollution

Regulations governing liability for soil pollution (including the allocation, transfer and limitation of liability): Soil pollution is not comprehensively regulated at EU level. The protection and sustainable use of soil is regulated in measures, resulting in mainly indirect protection of soil – for example, through environmental policies on waste, water, chemicals, industrial pollution prevent...
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