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What to do in case of an home heating Oil Spill

What to do in case of an home heating Oil Spill In the event of a home heating oil spill, prompt remedial action by property owners can mitigate environmental and third-party property damage and also help reduce remedial costs.  The approach to adopt in dealing with oil spills is site-specific, however, the following highlights essential actions that property owners should take following an oil s...
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Manage the Risk of an Oil Spill Incident

Step 1: Identify the Risk Risks may arise from many sources, such as: Oil delivery tankers. Unsuitable filling points. Overfill of tanks. Absence of bunding for oil storage tanks. Damage, corrosion and wear and tear on pipework and metal oil tanks. Poor fitting connections between the oil feed and the oil burner. Malicious damage by a third party in the act of theft of oi...
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Is Your Home Oil Heating System Winter Ready?

One of the biggest problems with not doing annual checks on your heating system is that you run the risk of it breaking down in the middle of winter, as this is when it is most used. Maintaining the oil tank is something that homeowners frequently neglect. While oil tanks have a useful life of many years, eventually they will need to be replaced. Routine maintenance may also be needed so it’s i...
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Management and Remediation of Oil Spills

Hear Dr. Gary Canny, PhD BSc Env – Technical Manager, Verde Remediation Services present on The Management and Remediation of Oil Spills at the Chartered Association of Building Engineers CABE North and South Regions CPD Programme and Exhibition, taking place on Friday 29th September at City North Hotel and Conference Centre.
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Verde is delighted to be main sponsor for the 16th King of Greystones Triathlon taking place on Sunday 30th July in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, with all proceeds going to The Gavin Glynn Foundation.  The signage is printed and put up, the T-Shirts are ready - are you?
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