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On a Cold and Frosty Morning – protect your oil tank from freezing

On a Cold and Frosty Morning - protect your oil tank from freezing Our oil spill remediation teams are out an about on a cold and frosty morning! In Sligo, our Remediation Project Manager Pat Taaffe took this atmospheric photo of Benbulben - you can feel the cold! Speaking of cold, now is a pertinent time to remind you of  Tips to help keep your oil tank and oil from freezing.
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Water outages in Co Kerry after oil leak in River Feale

oil leak in river
Water outages in Co Kerry after oil leak in River Feale Authorities in Kerry are trying to identify the source of an oil leak which has entered the River Feale, the main source of water for the Listowel and surrounding North Kerry area, and an important salmon and sea trout river.  The Water Treatment Plant at Dromin was shut down overnight as the oil leak was believed to be close to the water in...
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Implementing strict Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Implementing Strict Covid-19 Safety Protocols All of us at Verde Environmental Group are aware that we are in exceptional times, in which it is absolutely necessary for everyone to contribute towards reducing the spread of the COVID-19.  As a result, we introduced strict protocols with our field staff which enable us to continue to provide our clients with oil spill remediation services ensuring ...
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Ireland Gets Maritime Oil Pollution Plan

Ireland Gets Maritime Oil Pollution Plan - Almost 34 Years After Kowloon Bridge Sinking Irish Coast Guard deputy director Gerard O’Flynn has hailed as a “milestone” the publication of the State’s framework for handling major maritime pollution incidents. The plan released by the outgoing government last Friday (June 26) fulfils long-awaited commitments made after the grounding of the Kowloon B...
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Council probing source of oil spill in Tralee river

oily water
Kerry County Council is working to identify the source of a major pollution incident that has seen the Lee River in Tralee covered by a slick of spilled fuel.  The fuel spill appears to have occurred late last week, and since Friday council staff have been working to clean the spilled fuel from the river, which is a popular trout fishing spot and flows into the sea near Tralee's wetlands wildl...
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Council deploys boom to contain oil pollution in Shannon tributary

Westmeath County Council confirmed it is aware of the oil pollution in a tributary of the River Shannon near Athlone and have deployed a boom in the affected area on Saturday. This is a floating barrier put on the surface of water to temporarily contain spills. “Westmeath County Council is currently investigating the matter further, and has technical personnel on site to try and confirm the sourc...
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River Shannon Oil Spill kills birds and fish

Efforts are under way in Westmeath to locate the source of an oil spill in the River Shannon over the weekend.  A number of animals, including cormorants and cygnets were covered in oil in the incident on the River Shannon in Athlone at an area known locally as the "Big Meadows". A spokesperson for Athlone SPCA said some of the birds have been taken for special cleaning to an animal sanctuary i...
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Dispersants Can Be an Effective Tool for Managing Marine Oil Spill Impacts, Report

A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine examines the effects and efficacy of using dispersants in marine oil spill response. Dispersants reduce oil at the water’s surface by promoting the formation and diffusion of small oil droplets that may biodegrade more readily.  Field and modeling studies show that dispersants can be a useful tool for oil spill respons...
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Verde to present at Engineers Ireland Protecting the House Buyer Seminar

Dr. Gary Canny BSc PhD, Technical Manager and Clare Whitely BA BEng, Project Manager, of Verde Environmental Group will present on The Identification and Management of Domestic Oil Spills at Engineer's Ireland "Protecting the House Buyer" CPD Training Seminar taking place tomorrow in Dublin. Seminar Overview Buying a house is the biggest investment many people will ever make.  They are relyi...
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Oil Spill from Neighbouring Property causes death of all pond life

It is not unusual for homeowners to suffer damage to their property from a neighbouring property that has had a kerosene heating oil spill incident. Oil can migrate rapidly through soil and water after being absorbed into the ground and spread quickly to properties around it. Oil Contaminated Pond Unfortunately, our client experienced this first hand. On tending their garden, they noti...
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