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Poolbeg Residents hold protest against Noise Pollution

Several Poolbeg residents took to the streets last Tuesday to protest against noise pollution, with another demonstration planned for May 30.  The residents staged a demonstration where they blocked traffic Poolbeg Quay for a time during rush hour in an effort to raise awareness of on-going noise pollution in the locality. Locals in the Poolbeg Quay apartments say that the noise of early mornin...
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Conflict of Interest Accusations Against Noise Regulator for Dublin Airport

There was intense pressure on Transport Minister Shane Ross to appoint a noise regulator for Dublin Airport, even though officials knew accusations of a conflict of interest were certain to arise.  Mr Ross chose Fingal County Council as noise regulator despite the fact 8% of its total budgeted income each year comes from the Dublin Airport Authority. Internal records show how the Department of ...
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Is noise pollution damaging our health?

When we think about pollution we usually point to foul air, unsafe water, or toxic waste.  But as we enter 2019, what about the damage noise is doing to our health? Aren’t we being bombarded by more noise than ever before? From the street outside the busy coffee shop where I am sitting comes the pounding of a pneumatic drill – not more roadworks! Now it’s the roar of a dustcart. Business is get...
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Preventing noise pollution: Appreciate the sound of silence

The manslaughter conviction last week of a farmer in Tralee shows how all-pervasive one of the curses of our age — noise pollution — has become.  Michael Ferris was convicted over the killing of John O’Mahony, a tragedy provoked by the constant disruption caused by a crow banger. Rural communities, especially during annual crop cycles, expect and accept occasional — occasional being the importa...
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Noise fear as Amazon plans £267m Dublin data hub

Amazon's plans for a huge €300m-plus (£267m) data centre on the site of the former Jacob's biscuit site in south Dublin should be carefully assessed to make sure they don't impact on any future housing schemes beside it, it's been said. Irish Life Assurance has made the appeal to the Republic's planning appeals body, An Bord Pleanala. The financial services firm has questioned a decision by Sou...
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Cork County Council ‘can’t cope’ with noise complaints

© Irish Examiner Ltd. - Monday 19th February 2018 Many residents in Co Cork are experiencing excessive noise pollution as a monitoring agency lacks sufficient personnel to enforce legislation, described as “inadequate”. Cork County Council, tasked with monitoring noise pollution, admits to being “snowed under” and not having the manpower to deal with complaints. Cllr Marcia D’Alton demanded the...
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After air pollution, noise is the second biggest environmental health issue, EcoEye, 6th Feb

Don't miss EcoEye on RTE 1 at 7pm this evening on after air pollution, noise is the second biggest environmental health issue. But what is noise? EcoEye investigate some of the ways noise can affect human & marine mammal health, the solutions and if Ireland has sufficient protection for the general public. Verde Environmental Consultants provide environmental air and noise monitoring services...
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Noise Is The Next Great Public Health Crisis

"It’s impossible to overstate how much noise pollution can wreak havoc on human health and safety." Cities don’t just get filthy in the visual sense — urban spaces can often be a raging mess of sound. The blaring car horns, the police sirens screaming through the usual waves of traffic, the clatter of passing trains, the constant cacophony of voices rising and falling as a strange melody — this d...
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Environmental Consulting explained

What is Environmental Consulting? Environmental consulting is often a form of compliance consulting, in which the consultant ensures that the client maintains an appropriate measure of compliance with environmental regulations. Environmental consultants work in a very wide variety of fields. Whether it be providing construction services such as hazard Assessments  or conducting environmental d...
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Noise Monitoring

Verde - Noise & Acoustics
Following a recent review of the 2006 Wind Energy Development Guidelines, there will be stringent restrictions on noise levels from high-powered turbines. Local authorities will be tasked with enforcing noise limit rules in their counties and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be charged with policing sound levels. Breaches of noise restrictions will result in turbines being turned o...
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