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Fixed Noise Monitoring Equipment

Fixed Noise Monitoring Equipment Installing fixed noise monitoring equipment at a residence in Co. Laois.  The homeowners complained to Laois County Council that there was excess noise coming from a work shop to the rear of their property. We installed the monitor for two weeks to measure noise levels 24 hours a day. Verde Environmental Consultants can provide our clients with the necessary te...
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Verde appoints Principal EHS Consultant to the Group

Verde appoints Principal EHS Consultant to the Group Verde is delighted to welcome back Cyril Tynan as Principal EHS Consultant, leading the team involved in occupational hygiene, noise and air related services. Based in our Cork office, Cyril’s appointment provides additional strength to our team as we look forward to growing our business in 2021.
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Environmental Noise Pollution – interview with EEA noise expert

Noise pollution is a growing problem across Europe and one which many people may not be aware of the impacts of on their health. The European Environment Agency’s environmental noise expert, Eulalia Peris discusses the key findings of the EEA report ‘Environmental noise in Europe — 2020’, published in March. Main conclusions of the second report on environmental ...
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Number of Europeans exposed to harmful noise pollution expected to increase

Road traffic is the top source of noise pollution in Europe, the new EEA report ‘Noise in Europe – 2020’ says, with noise levels projected to rise in both urban and rural areas over the next decade due to urban growth and increased demand for mobility. Rail, aircraft and industry round up the other top sources of environmental noise pollution. The report provides an update of noise pollution tr...
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Noise pollution hampering birds communicating

Noise pollution is making it difficult for birds to communicate with each other and it could lead to a severe decline in numbers, new research from Queen’s University Belfast has found. In spring, birds use song to show aggressiveness and to attain territory for nesting and breeding, but this is becoming tougher due to noisy conditions created by humans. Dr Gareth Arnott, Senior Lecturer and...
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Is noise pollution damaging our health?

When we think about pollution we usually point to foul air, unsafe water, or toxic waste.  But as we enter 2019, what about the damage noise is doing to our health? Aren’t we being bombarded by more noise than ever before? From the street outside the busy coffee shop where I am sitting comes the pounding of a pneumatic drill – not more roadworks! Now it’s the roar of a dustcart. Business is get...
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Reduce the number of complaints you receive about Noise, Vibration and Air Quality – FREE Quote

ATTENTION CONSTRUCTION & INDUSTRIAL SITES! Reduce the number of complaints you receive about Noise, Vibration and Air Quality Noise, vibration and air quality are the most frequent sources of complaint from construction or industrial sites. Construction sites and industrial works need to comply with much more stringent standards than previously to consider potential impacts on the surround...
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EPA Strategic Environmental Noise Maps Round 3

The EPA have issued Round 3 of its Strategic Noise Maps.  The main focus of noise maps is for strategic management of environmental noise, based upon a notional annual average day. Round 3 Strategic Noise Maps can be viewed on EPA Maps under "Environment & Wellbeing - Noise".  The data can be downloaded from the EPA Database option of the Get data page.  Access the data as a Web Map Serv...
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New WHO noise guidelines for Europe released

The just released WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region provide strong evidence that noise is one of the top environmental hazards to both physical and mental health and well-being in the European Region. Officially launched to countries and stakeholders in Basel, Switzerland on 10 October 2018, the document identifies levels at which noise has significant health impacts an...
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EPA Report 246 – Enabling Decarbonisation: Irish Energy Sector Governance Study

Research 246: Enabling Decarbonisation: A Study of Energy Sector Governance in Ireland Ireland has strict decarbonisation targets to meet by 2050. This study is concerned with which governance institutions could enable this transition to a low carbon economy and society. Through analysis of the roles and mandates of a number of governing state institutions in the energy sector, the study makes ...
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