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EPA licensed industrial and waste sites enforcement data findings – overall good compliance

The EPA commenced the publication of key data on industrial and waste licence enforcement today on the EPA website.  The data gives details of compliance levels and enforcement activities across the 833 licensed facilities in 2019. The EPA will publish the data on its website on a quarterly basis, providing enforcement information in a timely manner for the public.  Commenting on the publication,...
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EPA publishes National Priority Sites List for Oct 18 – March 19

The EPA last week published the latest National Priority Sites List for Enforcement for Q1 Five sites are on the latest list for failing to meet the necessary environmental standards. These companies face further enforcement action from the EPA to secure compliance. Three sites are new to the list. Six sites have come off the previous list published in January following improvements in com...
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Industrial pollution & mercury are a problem impacting our health and environment.

The EEA report ‘Mercury in Europe’s environment – A priority for European and global action’ describes the problem of mercury pollution and the challenges in addressing the issue globally. From dental fillings to fish we eat, we might all be exposed to mercury. According to the report, mercury presents the biggest risk in rivers, lakes and oceans where it takes a highly toxic form that is absor...
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