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What role can Europe’s land and marine habitats play in carbon storage and sequestration?

What role can Europe’s land and marine habitats play in carbon storage and sequestration? What is the carbon storage and sequestration potential of Europe’s many land and marine habitats? A first scoping analysis, published today by the European Environment Agency (EEA), found that forests and wetlands can play an important role in storing carbon but doing so should take account of potential impa...
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New State of Nature report highlights continuing pressures on nature in Europe

New State of Nature report highlights continuing pressures on nature in Europe Introduction The EU’s Birds and Habitats Directives (the ‘nature directives’), which are the basis of the Natura 2000 network of protected areas, form a cornerstone of EU biodiversity policy. They seek to ensure the conservation of species and habitat types of EU importance, protecting all wild birds (over 460 species...
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Minister signals resolve to safeguard habitats under EU directive

Minister of State for Heritage Malcolm Noonan has said he is determined to address a persistent failure by Ireland to protect habitats under the European Union habitats directive.  It has resulted in the European Commission bringing the State to the European Court of Justice for failure to designate special areas of conservation (Sacs) since the directive came into force in 2014. The action initi...
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The Buzz on Bees!

Bees are vital for stable, healthy food supplies. They are key to the varied, colourful and nutritious diets we need and have come to expect. Bees are perfectly adapted to pollinate, helping plants grow, breed and produce food. They do so by transferring pollen between flowering plants and so keep the cycle of life turning.  The vast majority of plants we need for food rely on pollination, especia...
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Special costs rules governing environmental litigation under Planning & Development Act

Executive summary Heather Hill Management Company CLG and Gabriel McGoldrick (the Applicants) challenged a decision of An Bord Pleanala (the Board) to grant permission for a strategic housing development. The Applicants challenged that decision on a number of grounds and argued that the entire proceedings attracted the special costs rules governing environmental litigation under Section 50B of ...
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Conserving Europe’s Nature – The EU birds and habitats directives

Europe covers less than 5 % of the planet’s land mass. Yet, despite its small size, it has a stunning diversity of wild plants, animals and landscapes, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. Differences in climate, topography and geology account for much of this biodiversity. So does our long association with the land. Few places in the world have such a varied, contrasting and ...
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EU Commission calls on Ireland to finalise designation of conservation areas

The European Commission is urging Ireland to respect obligations under the Habitats Directive (Council Directive 92/43/EEC) for the protection of natural habitats and species included in the Natura 2000 network. Member States have to finalise the designation of Special Areas of Conservation (SACs). They also have to establish, for these areas, the conservation priorities, objectives and measure...
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Mitigation and Compensatory Measures under Article 6 Habitats Directive

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) recently clarified the distinction between mitigation measures and compensatory measures under Article 6 of the Habitats Directive. This followed a preliminary request from Ireland’s Supreme Court during proceedings. What are the criteria? The reference concerned the interpretation of Article 6(3) and (4) of the Habitats Directive. Article 6(...
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