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How to Successfully Evaluate Environmental Risks During a Pandemic

How to Successfully Evaluate Environmental Risks During a Pandemic The Covid-19 pandemic is challenging private equity firms, strategic buyers, and other investors seeking to assess environmental risks inherent in their deals. Investors typically evaluate potentially costly environmental issues, such as obligations to remediate contamination or address third-party environmental claims. Howev...
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Undertaking Phase II Environmental Site Assessment at industrial port site

Following from a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, which included: a thorough desk based review of historical & environmental records of the property. a thorough site inspection, including all building interiors as well as all exterior property and grounds. This site inspection would include a visual inspection of the presence of features such as fuel or chemical storage tanks, the p...
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Don’t cut corners on due diligence in commercial real estate transactions

People routinely involved in commercial real estate transactions recognize the due diligence stage as one of the most critical times. Typically occurring for an average of 30-90 days after the signing of the initial contract, the due diligence phase is often when most deals fall apart, if they are going to do so. Why? Because it's when most of the dirty laundry comes out and property defects, titl...
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Environmental due diligence and assessment important consideration when developing investment plans

Four environmental advocacy organizations called on Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP, Heerlen, Netherlands, on Monday to halt all new investments in fossil fuel companies and commit to phasing out such existing investments.  The €456 billion ($502 billion) pension fund's investments in fossil fuels rose to €16.5 billion as of Dec. 31 from €14 billion in 2015, according to a report by consultant Profund...
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Embedding Sustainability in Real Estate Transactions

While the real estate industry has become much better at integrating sustainability into new development projects, owners and developers have been less successful at driving sustainability in existing buildings. The market is not collectively taking advantage of the period when a building changes hands as an opportunity to address the financing of energy efficiency and sustainability features. ...
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Seven considerations when Investing In A Site With Potential Environmental Issues

Chances are you will come across a site with environmental issues at some point in your investing career—if you have not already. These can be tricky situations, so in general, the more information you have, the better off you are. To find out more about what investors should watch out for, members of the Forbes Real Estate Council recommend what people should keep in mind when considering sites ...
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EU & Investors vote for a more ethical and sustainable financial sector

The European Parliament has made a major step towards a more ethical financial sector, by unanimously voting for new rules that mean investors will have to put proper measures in place ensuring their activities do not cause human rights abuses or environmental destruction. This major move was also backed by big players in the investment industry itself – with the likes of Aviva, Hermes, Sycomor...
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It pays the Responsible Investor to get Environmental, Social & Governance factors right

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors exist to make the job of the responsible investor easy, in theory. The reality, for infrastructure, is less simple. Rising uptake of ESG means infrastructure is increasingly required to consider the context in which it operates, says Professor David Hart, director of sustainable energy specialists E4tech.  “The sector is having to take account ...
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Comprehensive overview of conducting Real Estate transactions in Ireland

Current trends in and future prospects for the real estate market (both commercial and residential) in Ireland The office market saw a record year of leasing in 2017, primarily in Dublin. In addition to natural growth, market analysis suggests Brexit added additional demand for office space. In the residential sector, house prices rose an average of 12.3% in 2017, mainly due to a continued l...
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The cost of not carrying out Environmental Due Diligence can run to Millions as Events D.C. found out.

Events D.C., the city’s conventions and sports authority, is raising the price tag of planned community sports fields at the RFK Stadium campus due to the discovery of lead in the soil at the site.  The Events D.C. board on Thursday approved a budget increase of roughly $3.7 million to cover lead remediation. That amount is on top of $2 million the agency already set aside for soil remediation at ...
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