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Verde Expands its Dewatering Services Team

Verde Environmental Consultants is pleased to welcome Aurimas Bliutas to our Dewatering Services team.  Aurimas, who is originally from Lithuania, is a welcome addition to a busy expanding team of dewatering experts. Verde provide dewatering services to construction projects where there is a requirement to pump, treat and dispose of waters offsite, allowing for works to be carried out in a safe...
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Not a drop of water 6m below sea level!

Six meters below sea level and a bone dry basement floor! Thanks to Verde Environmental Consultants Dewatering Manager Aidan Murphy's ongoing dewatering operations at Barrow street, Dublin 4 on behalf of main contractor John Sisk & Son Ltd.
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Irish Water propose dewatering facilities upgrade at its Beleek WasteWater Treatment Plant

Senator Michelle Mulherin has challenged Irish Water to come clean on its plans for its Ballina Waste Water Treatment plant at Belleek amid concerns in the town that there are moves underway to develop the site as a sludge hub for Mayo. Following a meeting between Irish Water and public representatives in Ballina on Monday, Senator Mulherin said there were still a lot of unanswered questions even...
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Major considerations for any Dewatering Project

Weather and environment Each site’s dewatering requirements vary and present unique challenges, with environmental and geological considerations, as well as local climatic variations. Differences in weather conditions and environmental changes can have a significant effect on an operation.  From the outback of Australia where water is scarce, the recovery of water is desperately required com...
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Multi-level solutions for deep pit dewatering

The deeper the pit, the more difficult the dewatering process: When conventional pumps reach their limits, often only a multi-level solution can help. The global race to secure scarce resources is well underway. Deposits are now being mined that could not have been reached or were not economically viable a few years ago.  Also, infrastructure projects are becoming increasingly ambitious, which ...
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The American Falls dewatering project stalled due to lack of funding

Three years after the announcement of plans of shutting off the American Falls in 2019, state officials now say that the shutdown may not happen this year.  The American Falls “dewatering” did not push ahead because of the lack of funding for the project, which is estimated to be around US $30 million. The dewatering is part of the efforts to replace a pair of historic bridges which connect the m...
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Ongoing Goundwater Dewatering and Treatment on Dublin construction site

Verde's dewatering tank undertaking ongoing groundwater dewatering and treatment on a construction site in Dublin where the main basement dig is underway. Verde provide dewatering services to construction projects where there is a requirement to pump, treat and dispose of waters offsite, allowing for works to be carried out in a safe, dry and environmentally compliant manner. High groundwat...
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