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Reducing the environmental impact of the global built environment sector

Reducing the environmental impact of the global built environment sector The construction sector, the real estate industry and city planners must give high priority to the same goal—to drastically reduce their climate impacts. Powerful, combined efforts are absolutely crucial for the potential to achieve the UN's sustainability goals. And what's more—everything has to happen very quickly. These a...
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Construction sector welcomes major budget increases for road projects and housing

Construction sector welcomes major budget increases for road projects and housing More than €10 billion in new infrastructure and a commitment to deliver affordable housing announced in today's budget has been welcomed by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF).  Road projects including Cork's Dunkettle Interchange, the N22 and N5 in Mayo along with 145 school construction projects were amongs...
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Environmental risks in Construction Projects

Environmental risks in Construction Projects New Construction Projects For new construction projects, the location is a crucial element, not just the actual geographic position but its locational context in relation to neighbouring surroundings and the physical environment. Advances in geospatial systems and data are continually revealing new insights about the spaces we live, work and invest ...
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Second successive increase in construction activity – PMI

Second successive increase in construction activity - PMI Construction activity has increased for the second month in a row, according to the Ulster Bank Construction Purchasing Managers' Index. A seasonally adjusted index designed to track changes in total construction activity, rose to 53.2 in July, up from 51.9 in June. Readings above 50 signal an increase in activity on the previous mon...
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European construction sector observatory – Ireland report

The construction sector plays a key role in Europe’s economy, and it is shaped by the policy measures taken by national governments. The European Construction Sector Observatory (ECSO) is a COSME initiative that analyses the construction sector in the 27 Member States and the United Kingdom. It aims to provide valuable insights on market conditions and policy developments. Check out the most recen...
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Irish Construction sector under Celtic Tiger levels of pressure – report

The construction sector is under Celtic Tiger levels of pressure and is in danger of overheating, according to a new report from construction consultants Mitchell McDermott.  The report says 30,000 additional construction workers are required if housing targets are to be met.  It says construction output grew by 12% last year, but the number of workers only grew by 4%. Paul Mitchell, one of the au...
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Climate Action Plan 2019 – What is its Impact on Real Estate?

The Irish government has released a Climate Action Plan for 2019, which includes targets and measures for reducing greenhouse gases in the real estate sector. This article assesses those targets and how the government proposes to meet them and how they will affect the built environment in Ireland. Retro fitting The government aims to retrofit 500,000 existing properties by 2030 by replacing oil ...
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How Architecture Positively Affects The Environment

It’s well-known that the cost on the environment of construction projects can be considerable. However, the work of construction begins with the vision of the architect, and the architectural industry is leading changes in the design of new buildings and other structures that promise not only a reduction in the negative impact on the environment but positive benefits as well. Sustainable Buildi...
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Building costs rise over rules on energy

Construction costs are forecast to rise 6.3pc this year as new energy efficiency standards increase demand for specialist workers and materials, according to an industry report. The Tender Price Index forecast by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) shows that costs already have risen 3.4pc nationally in the first six months of the year and are expected to rise a further 2.9pc by yea...
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Northern Ireland 2018/19 Annual Planning Statistical Bulletin published

The key points from the Northern Ireland Planning Statistics 2018/19 Annual Statistical Bulletin include: There were 12,541 planning applications received during 2018/19, a 3% decrease from the previous financial year. This comprised 12,404 local and 137 major applications. During 2018/19, 12,156 planning applications were decided, a decrease of over 1% from the previous financial year. In ...
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