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Our Causes


We believe change is born out of responsibility - taking responsibility for your past actions, being responsible in how you go about your business and doing things that are good for our environment and those living in it.

Verde in the Community

The Verde Community Day initiative aims to provide direct, hands-on assistance to local communities. The Verde Environmental Group has started this initiative as a thank you to our local communities for the support that we have received from them over the years. The Verde Community Day initiative takes place every two years.

March 2023

36 member of Verde staff volunteered their time to work with Greystones Tidy TownsGreystones Municipal Council to transform the overgrown north bed of Burnaby Park by the removal of some unwanted varieties of plant species, and augment the existing planting selected to be retained with compatible varieties of plant species that enhance biodiversity and give food for pollinators.

October 2019

The Verde team volunteered their time to work with Greystones Tidy TownsGreystones Municipal Council & residents of the Burnaby in Greystones. Co. Wicklow to plant 800 shrubs in Burnaby Park.

July 2017

The Verde team volunteered their time to work with Greystones Tidy Towns to clear, layout, dig and plant two flower beds at Greystones Dart Station.  Five hours of hard work transformed two barren patches into fabulous, colourful beds.

June 2015

Staff from Verde spent the day clearing a much-loved picnic area in Greystones, Co. Wicklow.  We would like to thank Frank Coyne of Greystones Tidy Towns Committee for allowing Verde to help out, as well as for all their hard work over the years keeping the community tidy and an area to be proud of. As always, thanks to our staff who put in some serious effort to put a shine on a great resource in Greystones.

"More and more, everyone is seeing the real need for and benefit of community spirit and camaraderie, and it's good to get in and make a small but positive contribution to our local community. Our staff has also found that it helps them become more connected with the areas in which they spend much of their working day."

Health, Safety & the Environment

We believe in the importance of caring for our staff, the planet and working with and encouraging others to do the same.  it is our business to restore damage caused to the environment by others, so it makes good business sense focus to minimise our own impact on our environs.  And as people living in the world, it is simply the right thing to do. We take our responsibilities in relation to the health, safety and well being of our employees, clients and those third parties that may be affected by our work very seriously.  We recognise the importance of maintaining safe systems of work to ensure the safety of our staff and we promote a culture of safety through various incentive and awareness programmes.  We also operate a health surveillance programme for all our employees.  Our efforts to comply with all relevant legislation and to provide safe places and systems of work, safe equipment and the necessary training to operate it is backed up by our Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which has been accredited to the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standard.

Reducing our Environmental Impact

We are committed to minimising the energy consumption of our daily business activities.  This effort is driven through our ISO accredited Environmental Management System (EMS), where we seek to continually improve our performance. 

The reduction in our energy consumption is managed across all areas, including internal business operations, site operations and fleet & fuel management. 

Everyone can forget something once in a while, so we have focused initiatives to make sure we keep our eye on the ball.  For example, our ‘Lights Off’ initiative, which reminds our staff to keep lights and non-essential equipment switched off when not needed, reduced our monthly energy consumption by 11%.