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Half of urban wastewater not treated to basic EU standards – EPA report

Half of urban wastewater not treated to basic EU standards - EPA report It could take another two decades to stop waste water being pumped into rivers, lakes and seas but Irish Water has “no clear plan” on how to get there, the environmental watchdog has said in a damning new report.  Ongoing “unacceptable delays” mean dozens of towns and villages across the country continue to pollute. Accordin...
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Delays in Wastewater Treatment Systems prolong risk to Environment – EPA Report

Delays in Wastewater Treatment Systems prolong risk to Environment - EPA Report The EPA report on Urban Waste Water Treatment in 2019, released on 12th November, highlights that delays in upgrading treatment systems around the country are prolonging risks to the environment and public health.  Some improvements in performance were evident in the past year, with the removal of the raw sewage disch...
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How Modern Wastewater Treatment Changed our World

How Modern Wastewater Treatment Changed our World Wastewater treatment is often an overlooked necessity of civilization. Without proper sewer systems, wastewater treatment plants, and overall regulation, our cities would be ripe with disease and human waste everywhere. Believe it or not, much of the modern wastewater management technology we consider standard in any 21st century home, things ...
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Billions of litres of untreated water overflows at Ringsend wastewater plant

Untreated wastewater has overflowed into Dublin Bay from the Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) more than 100 times since the beginning of 2015.  Figures seen by show that billions of litres of untreated waste water have overflowed from the plant into the Liffey estuary in recent years, sparking concerns from politicians and environmental groups. The overflows include the ...
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Wastewater Treatment

WASTEWATER TREATMENT Verde and its partners provide complete water treatment services to clients internationally. Our water solutions are designed for both residential and commercial purposes and have the ability to treat water from 20 to 200 gallons per minute when required. Our range of products include Water Softeners, Filtration, Reverse Osmosis and UV & Ozone Drinking Water systems....
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Ireland held to account for wastewater treatment failures

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has found that Ireland has failed to uphold EU law in relation to almost 30 wastewater treatment schemes across the country.  The court’s ruling released yesterday opens the door for Ireland to be hit with heavy fines for breaching EU rules on sewage treatment if it does not act to rectify the situation. The case was brought by the EU Commission over Ireland’...
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Researchers exploring ways to recover resources from WasteWater

Wastewater is an asset – it contains nutrients, energy and precious metals, and scientists are learning how to recover them.  Their research focuses on recovering resources from wastewater. This process is difficult because wastewater contains many different types of contaminants. But researchers in our fields are exploring many creative ways to make valuable products from them. Energy from org...
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EEA Report finds increase in Industrial Pollution to urban wastewater treatment plants.

Direct emissions released to water bodies from Europe’s large industrial sites have decreased in recent years for many pollutants. However, industrial pollution transferred through the sewer systems to urban waste water treatment plants (UWWTPs) has slightly increased, putting pressure on the waste water treatment infrastructure. While EU legislation tracks emissions from large industries, the ...
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Technologies for Monitoring, Detecting and Treating Overflows from Urban Wastewater Networks

In Ireland, the majority of urban areas are drained by combined sewer systems, which convey wastewater and stormwater in a single pipe. During rainfall events the capacity of the combined sewer system may be exceeded. A stormwater overflow (SWO) is a structure designed to divert excess flows from the sewer network, either directly or via a storm sewer system, to the receiving water. SWOs may als...
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Ireland’s 2021 Greenhouse Gas Emissions above pre-Covid levels – EPA

Ireland’s 2021 Greenhouse Gas Emissions above pre-Covid levels - EPA Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions increased by 4.7 per cent in 2021 compared to 2020 and are now 1.1 per cent above 2019 pre-COVID restriction levels. Emissions from the Energy Industries sector increased by 17.6 per cent in 2021, driven by a tripling of coal and oil use in electricity generation. Agriculture emissions ...
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