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Nature-based solutions should play increased role in tackling climate change – EEA Report

Nature-based solutions should play increased role in tackling climate change - EEA Report Climate change, biodiversity loss and degradation of ecosystems are linked and all have devastating consequences for our economic and social stability, health and well-being. Working with nature is increasingly recognised as an efficient way to tackle these growing challenges, according the new EEA report ‘N...
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New EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change

New EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change The European Commission adopted today a new EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change, setting out the pathway to prepare for the unavoidable impacts of climate change. While the EU does everything within its power to mitigate climate change, domestically and internationally, we must also get ready to face its unavoidable consequences. From deadly...
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Tackling climate change and biodiversity loss together

Tackling climate change and biodiversity loss together Climate change and biodiversity loss are twin crises that should be tackled together. Conserving, managing, and restoring ecosystems are key to success.  In addition to the direct impacts on the economy, societies and people’s health, rapidly advancing climate change negatively impacts many of the world’s species and ecosystems, driving biodi...
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Scenarios for Effective Climate Change Mitigation in Ireland – EPA Research Report

Scenarios for Effective Climate Change Mitigation in Ireland - EPA Research The EPA has published its report - Synthesis of Literature and Preliminary Modelling relevant to Society-wide Scenarios for effective climate change mitigation in Ireland. Rapid global warming due to emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) caused by human activities is negatively affecting global climate and ecological sy...
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Why does Europe need to limit climate change and adapt to its impacts?

Europe’s many regions are expected to face worsening impacts of climate change over the next decades. A compilation of several existing maps published by the European Environment Agency (EEA) today illustrates how drought, heavy rain and flooding, forest fires and sea-level rise could affect some selected regions in Europe, including Central Europe, the Iberian peninsula, Scandinavia, Brittany and...
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Soil, Land and Climate Change – EEA Article

Climate change has a major impact on soil, and changes in land use and soil can either accelerate or slow down climate change. Without healthier soils and a sustainable land and soil management, we cannot tackle the climate crisis, produce enough food and adapt to a changing climate. The answer might lie in preserving and restoring key ecosystems and letting nature capture carbon from the atmosphe...
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Ireland improved on climate change last year, report says

Ireland’s performance in addressing climate change improved over the past year although the State remains a laggard among European countries in cutting greenhouse gas emissions, a new study finds.  Ireland moved up seven positions to 41st place in the latest Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) rankings, shifting from a group of “very low” to “low performers”. Last year, Ireland was in last pla...
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62% Irish people take action on climate change – EU Survey

According to a recent Eurobarometer survey carried out by the European Commission, European citizens are very concerned about climate change and support EU-wide measures to tackle it. Ireland Three quarters of respondents in Ireland see climate change as a ‘very serious’ problem (75%, just below the EU average of 79%), a significant increase of seven percentage points (pp) since the previous s...
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How climate change has been addressed in Budget 2020

Following on from the ambitious Climate Action Plan published in June 2019, the government has incorporated the need for climate action into Budget 2020, as published on 8 October 2019.  Below are some of the key elements of Budget 2020 as they relate to climate change: Carbon pricing The government are committed to increasing the price of carbon to €80 per tonne by 2030 in accordanc...
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EPA head says tackling climate change must include optimism for our future

The head of the state's environmental watchdog has warned about rising levels of eco-fatigue and eco-anxiety in the young.  Laura Burke, director general of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said while science shows that the challenges posed by the climate crisis are substantial and could be considered overwhelming, we must find ways to "match the uncomfortable evidence with optimism for t...
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