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Oil Spill Clean Up-Old Version-Apr 17

Verde - Residential Oil Spill Clean Up

Verde Remediation Services are experts in the management (commonly known as remediation) of complex oil spill incidents, having successfully completed over 2,500 domestic oil spill clean up remediation projects. Managing a home heating oil leak or spill requires expert attention to ensure the oil spill is properly cleaned up.  Home oil spills have a deserved reputation for being amongst the most complicated and time consuming insurance claims, however Verde’s experience has helped us to develop a unique and systematic approach that sets us apart from the competition, providing and integrated approach to oil spill clean-up that is recognised by Insurers, Loss Adjustors and Loss Assessors to be of a very high standard at an extremely competitive cost, compared with other approaches in the marketplace.  The benefits are simple to understand:

Emergency Response

We can respond rapidly to help you with your oil spill problem, with emergency response crews on call 7 days a week, as a quick response is essential in limiting the impact to a property from oil damage. As the largest oil spill remediation company in Ireland, we have experienced teams on hand across the country which include environmental engineers and scientists, as well as remediation field crews who have years of experience in dealing with these oil spill and oil leak incidents.  Call us now 1890 20 10 20.

Verde - Residential Oil Spill Clean Up
Fixed Price Contracts

We offer fixed price contracts for our work and this means that clients have the peace of mind that the project will not suffer budget creep as the programme progresses. Verde’s approach means that we are responsible for establishing the extent of contamination, we are responsible for designing the remediation programme and we are responsible for completing the project satisfactorily within the budget we have provided.

Improved Communication

Issues with project management arise when there are a number of companies or parties having to liaise with each other in order to complete single elements of the same job. Our process means that Verde acts as the single point of contact for the insurer, the policy holder and the loss adjuster. Our dedicated project managers keep all parties informed at all times through regular updates and communication; this reduces the risk of miscommunication or delays in programme works.

Reduced Project Lifecycle

Verde works to strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and has set the market standard for its efficiency in report delivery and project completion. We set ourselves tight target deadlines to ensure that the works are completed as quickly as possible. We do this by directly employing all our own in-house scientists, remediation specialists and tradespeople who drive each project through a controlled, audited process. We don’t have to wait for or rely on subcontractors. As well as using independent laboratories, we also operate an in-house laboratory to turn around sample analysis results quickly – this allows us to immediately assess progress on projects and reduce the length of time required between a sampling event and completion works.


Verde are accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001, giving all our clients assurance that they are receiving a quality service. We are members of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and also hold OFTEC accreditation.

Technical Expertise

Oil spills can be complex incidents to deal with and you may hear a lot of conflicting advice from all sorts of sources. We provide impartial and straightforward advice that will help you to understand the problem. We will explain to you what can occur following an oil spill, what the potential implications are, all the various methods that can be used to help remediate the problem and what options are available to you, given your specific circumstances. Our technical experts can help to guide you through the process and are always available should you have questions along the way.

Investigate the damage

Having a detailed understanding of the level and extent of impact caused by the oil spill to your property is essential in determining the options available for remediation. We carry out detailed site assessments to make sure that this detailed picture is built. Our assessments are conducted according to best industry practice and standards and we utilise all available techniques to ensure that we get a complete picture of the contamination and its impact.  Once we have completed this work, we will set out our findings within our technical report and we will outline to you the remedial options available.

Remediate the problem

Every oil spill is different and it takes experience to know how best to deal with the problem. Over the years, we have invested in and built a huge range of specialist equipment to help us clean up your problem. With our wealth of experience, we know what to do and when to do it. This helps us build the most effective and efficient remediation programme for you.

Verde - Oil Spill Info Graphic