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Occupational Hygiene, Health & Safety

Verde - Occupational Exposure & Industrial Hygiene

Verde provide a full range of technical & advisory services in the assessment of occupational hygiene and compliance with engineering standards and health and safety legislation. There are many situations in which we may need to consider whether harm to human health or damage to the environment could occur. Risk assessment is the process of identifying and evaluating adverse effects on the environment. It is the qualitative or quantitative evaluation of the risk posed to the environment and / or human health by the actual or potential presence or release of hazardous substances, pollutants or contaminants. Risk management involves identifying effective and practical solutions to ensure that risks remain acceptable.

Verde offer a wide range of environmental risk assessment and risk management skills in soil, water and human health. Our risk assessors apply mathematical risk models to derive defensible, realistic target values for any remediation that may be required.

Protection of personnel in the workplace is provided for under The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. Individual items of legislation exist for such hazards relating to Asbestos, Biological Agents, Carcinogens, Chemical Agents, Airborne Pollutants, Noise and Vibration.

Verde provide a full range of technical and advisory services in the assessment of occupational exposure and compliance with relevant legislation.

Our aim is to provide practical, cost effective solutions that will work well and be acceptable to regulatory and other bodies.