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Environmental Management Systems

Verde ISO 14001

Whether you are already working towards formal accreditation of your environmental management system or if you are just starting to think about it, Verde can assist you in such areas as:

  • Compliance with environmental legislative requirements
  • Air emissions (sources, composition, quantity, abatement systems, emission points, receiving environment)
  • Water emissions (sources, composition, quantity, abatement systems, disposal routes, receiving environment)
  • Waste generation, collection and disposal
  • Waste management /minimisation practices
  • Energy usage and conservation measures
  • Storage, handling and containment of hazardous/potentially hazardous substances
  • Raw material usage especially for non-renewable resources
  • Noise
  • Odour
  • Flora, fauna and landscape
  • Surrounding land-use activities
  • Environmental sensitivity associated with the site or its location, such as adjacency to a stream or overlying an aquifer
  • Previous site uses and any residual contamination